'Array' imports appeared from plural suggestions

Drupal Honosítás képe

Due a bug in how the imports were handled lately (after standardization of data handling was implemented: http://localize.drupal.org/node/214), the imports had a new bug introduced with plural strings being imported as the string "Array". There were in total 105 such strings when the bug was noticed and reported in the issue queue by podarok of the Ukrainian team (thanks!). The bug was immediately fixed (hopefully), but for you to be able to clean up the translations more easily, I'm listing the bogus strings here. Due to how the server stores cached metadata of the strings, you should use the user interface to clean up these strings. Please contact the affected users to reimport their suggestions. Duplicate suggestions which either became active translations or are still in the awaiting queue will not be recorded again, so that should not give you more work to recover.

Thanks again for helping beta test this service, and for quickly reporting bugs as you notice them. It helps limit the extent of such issues to a smaller audience. I've posted this note to all groups affected and attached the list of strings affected. You can also look these up on the moderation interface by searching for 'Array' (which could have false positives, but will find all these instances).

Nepali team