Drupal Camp Serbia

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Small but devoted group of Drupal professionals and enthusiasts gathered together to organize yet another interesting Drupal event in Novi Sad. Already a host to first Drupal Balkan Summit in 2011, Novi Sad has quite a few Drupal freelancers and companies working with it.

Gathered in Drupal Serbia, we are hoping that we will make even better event than the one in 2011. This time, as a four day event, we are going to start with sprints on Thursday and Friday, and then continue with presentations on various Drupal related subjects for the two days over the weekend.

Presentations will vary with difficulty level so we hope that there will be something for everyone. If you are a hard core professional we will welcome you with some also awesome people that will be there as presenters and hope that you will share your knowledge with everyone, both colleagues and n00bies. Even if this is your first contact with Drupal, there will be a lot of people willing to help and get you up to speed with everyone else. Conference is open for everyone who is interested in learning the best practices and opportunities Drupal can offer.

DrupalCamps are not major events like DrupalCon, rather smaller events with intimate atmosphere where you meet all participants personally which gives you opportunities to ask questions and feel like an integral part of the event.

We are going to cover most current issues in the field like best practices in Drupal development, latest technologies, problems and solutions and also look into the future of developing for Drupal 8 and perspective of Drupal itself as platform.

We are warmly welcoming you to Novi Sad and the event and hope that your participation will produce nice experience that you will wish to repeat.


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Drupal Camp Novi Sad 2014, 30.10.2014 - 02.11.2014

Hope to see you in Novi Sad! ;)


2014. október 30., csütörtök 08.00 - 2014. november 2., vasárnap 22.00


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