The first Fedora Round Table at Budapest

asrob képe

Well, this came to among us too and we made it! Zoltan Hoppar and I talked about this event a lot in the last few weeks, but today we did it with our small community members and a special guest, a "Fedora rockstar", Jörg Simon. :)

Let's see what were our (suggested) topics.

- Status, targes, ideas, possibilities within the Hungarian Fedora community
- The new Red Hat based distributions community site, necessary changes
- Translations, translation process and stats, necessary developments
- Education with Red Hat, Fedora, Drupal based systems
- Uplifting of the domestic developments, possibility to attend on international forums
- Legal problems around trademarks: international and domestic possibilities

Unfortunately, we could not talk about last topic, maybe next meeting. I guess, there were some ideas, good discussions. I hope we will continue this habit. Last but not least, we gave a "special gift", a letter from the Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith.

"To my friends in Hungary,

I hope you don't mind me using the word "friends" to address you, as I truly feel you are my friends in this great movement. Even though our number are relatively small, and at times we might feel discouraged, we should keep our heads held high knowing that we're working for a brighter future. I see all around me people who are looking for a better way, and the only thing that keeps them from fint it is that they don't know where to find it. So please, keep opening your mouth - keep talking to your friends and neighbors about how Linux makes your life better, or about what's new in the latest version of Fedora, or how free and open source softtware is literally improving the lives of people throughout the world. One person at a time, we'll continue to build a giant army ... an army of friends.

Just think for a moment... twenty year ago this week, a student in Finland reached out to his friends and shared a little project he had been working on. Few people knew of his project, and even some of those believed it would never amount to much. But here we are today, with Linux as the most rapidly evolving operating system on the planet, and powering everything from supercomputers to mobile phones and everything in between. No other operating system is more versatile or more far-reaching in industry. All it took was one little idea, a bit of effort, and an army of friends who trusted each other.

So again I will repeat - keep your heads held high, be proud of what we've been able to accomplish. We still have hard work and tough battles ahead of us, but I have no doubt whatsoever that we'll win the hearts and minds of our neighbors throughout the world. Thank you for your efforts to built better software. Thank you for your dedication to software freedom. And thank you for your help in changing the world for good.

Your friend,

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader"